Better team management & ideas, all together at last.


Round up answers to important questions by working together. Involving employees in processes helps generate better ideas and increases job satisfaction.


Employees feel more valued and appreciated when hard work/great ideas are taken seriously. Help employees reach their true potential with 360° performance reviews.

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Stay connected with our #teamphoria and #innovationengine apps. This means you'll have access through our desktop site and more conveniently through the App Store.

"Fantastic platform to use. I like to give recognition to colleagues for their hard work. This is brilliant."
Samantha Adams
"Very clever employee engagement software, sticky content, it works."
John Deighton
"Amazing! I can already see this is going to give us great insight from within the business, we no longer have to outsource."
Liz James
Celtic Manor

Software Features

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Easy Installation

CulturVate software products have a quick installation turnaround. We may have to call you for more information, but we're available each step of the way.

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Optimized Design

Both products have consistency in the design, feel and navigation of the product. This is a value factor for employees to engage actively, with the contribution of feedback and ideas.

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Powerful Results

We can cater questions that are specific to your business so that you see greater return on investment. You'll be able to explore the data produced through your employees activity.

Secure Information

Our software products; unlike other social platforms, will keep content private. This means only your company can view the data produced. Giving you 100% peace of mind.

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