Women are innovators too!

International Womens Day, Females in business, Women innovators,
International Womens Day, Females in business, Women innovators,
International Womens Day

It’s International Women’s Day and CulturVate are looking at inventions brought to you by women! A quick google image search for “innovation quote” returns no female quotes! Type “inventors” and again you can see male dominated results. Perhaps we need to celebrate more female inventions and give women an equal platform to voice there innovative ideas?

Here’s just a snippet of inventions brought to the world by women:

The Computer Algorithm: Ada Lovelace was a mathematician who worked at the University of London alongside Charles Babbage who had the idea of an analytic engine, Ada programmed the machine, was she the first computer programmer?

Radioactivity: Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in Physics, she later won another in Chemistry and was the first person to win twice. Curie started experimenting on Uranium Rays and through this discovered Radioactivity. She was a leading woman who produced many breakthroughs in science.

Monopoly: Elizabeth Magie created a game called The Landlords Game and patented it. Years later a man called Charles Darrow changed the design and sold it on as Monopoly. They paid Elizabeth $500.

Apollo Space Code: Margaret Hamilton a mathematician accidentally invented the modern concept of software to land men on the moon. She landed (pun intended) a job as a programmer in the 1960’s at MIT, here she would programme the software for the Apollo computers, the US was depending on her work to get them first to the moon. It is now a $400 billion dollar industry.

Dishwasher: Josephine Cochran was the inventor of the dishwasher. I bet she got fed up of rowing over who was doing the dishes? Now people just row over who loads it. She went as far as building compartments and measuring the dishes. Josephine showcased her invention at a Chicago Exposition and won top prize.

Caller ID / Call Waiting: Dr Shirley Jackson conducted research in the 70s around telecommunications which led to her being responsible for the breakthrough of Caller ID and Call Waiting. From this people were able to invent the portable fax and fibre optic cables.

Beer: Women created beer! Back in ancient times it was considered a gift in Egypt from the goddesses. It was made and sold by women. Beer was drunk at any time of day and even children drank it. People started drinking large quantities and it eventually become mass produced by men.

Stem Cell Isolation: Ann Tsukamoto has made developments with stem cell isolation, she is working on understanding blood flows in cancer patients which can hopefully lead to a cure in the disease.

In just under 50 days CulturVate will be releasing the #InnovationEngine. This product can help employees generate, inspire and collaborate ideas at work. It can accelerate the idea process and effortlessly bring new solutions to market(also female friendly).

For more information please contact melissa@culturvate.co.uk

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