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Have you identified a lack of energy in the workplace? Many organisations don’t have a structure in place to tackle the continuing trend of employee dis-engagement. As more and more distractions develop in 2018, managers face the task of driving fresh air into the workforce.

There can be different reasons as to why your employees are dis-engaged, they might have problems outside of work, or be of ill health, but in most cases employees are generally lacking knowledge and certainty of their position in the workforce. First off you can find right solution by identifying employees individual reasons for dis-engagement and secondly you can build flexibility around the reasons to make them more proactive at work.

CulturVate’s #teamphoria software package can help with the following:

  • Higher motivation levels
  • Lower sick rates
  • Increased productivity
  • Identify problems in the workforce
  • Staff retention
  • Feedback on process and suggestions

Watch engagement rates soar by building a progressive company culture. Set SMART goals and recognise employee achievements in order to boost morale. How is this done? Staff can either download the app (most popular) or access the platform through a website portal. Messages of communication are pushed out and employees are able to respond in real-time. Employees are more likely to approach managers with issues or suggestions, without fear of being turned away, as Managers are generally busy. Introverts prefer communicating this way and the added pulse surveys give regular insight into the feel of your employees on a particular day…

Are your employees truly feeling blue on blue Monday? Put it to the test, does your business want to reinforce a little more reward on this day? Slight tweaks to operations will get your team back on track and ready to increase output!

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