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Are you ready to build success?

Have you identified a lack of energy in the workplace? Many organisations don’t have a structure in place to tackle the continuing trend of employee dis-engagement. As more and more distractions develop in 2018, managers face the task of driving … Read More

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CulturVate – software products

We’re CulturVate and we can help your organisation retain and reward employees by using job satisfaction techniques, to keep engagement high and produce a more productive workforce through idea sharing, pulse surveys, feedback, flexibility and reward. We also enhance innovation … Read More

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Boost engagement & achieve results!

Our top selling software product – teamphoria, helps medium to large businesses in the UK, Europe and Canada increase and measure engagement, identify their corporate culture and analyse performance. It’s hard to believe but most businesses brand values are not … Read More

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Create open, transparent communication within your organisation…

Employee engagement through open organisational communication Creating a culture of open, clear, and transparent communication is a daily struggle for every organization. With Teamphoria, you can define and manage communication channels between team members and leadership in one place. Facilitate … Read More

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“Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion.”

Brian Chesky, Co-Founder, CEO, Airbnb
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Teamphoria Software Offers Three Different Packages For All of Your Employee Engagement Needs

Our team speaks with hundreds of clients each week and we always hear how easy it is to use Teamphoria. Our partners and clients also enjoy telling us how it has changed their organizations. At Teamphoria, we offer three different … Read More

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New From Teamphoria: Automated Company Goal Progress

We’re excited about a new year and a new feature update we recently released around Goal Setting! We’ve added a new option when setting Company Goals — the ability to automatically aggregate milestones on associated Team Member goals to give … Read More

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Women are innovators too!

It’s International Women’s Day and CulturVate are looking at inventions brought to you by women! A quick google image search for “innovation quote” returns no female quotes! Type “inventors” and again you can see male dominated results. Perhaps we need … Read More

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Happy Employees! Employee Appreciation Ideas for your Staff

Employee Appreciation Day is approaching. Didn’t get the memo? No worries, we are here to help! Of course, it would have been awesome to plan something last week, but we get it. We are busy and these things happen! It’s … Read More

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