Innovation Engine is a platform that uses a toolkit to evaluate, increase and track your organisation’s innovation process and effortlessly brings new solutions to market.

Key benefits of Innovation Engine: 

  • Capture ideas from everyone in your workplace
  • Solve new problems and ones you didn’t even know existed
  • Inspire individuals to think better
  • Increased revenue
  • Provides a space for everyone to participate
  • Creates an ideas culture
  • Better workplace processes

Collect ideas

Encourage an “idea’s” culture within your workforce. Reward employees to maintain higher engagement levels and smoother processes.

Collaborate and grow

Anyone can contribute ideas from anywhere in the organisation. When an idea is submitted employees can track the progress of their idea  and contribute to other ideas. 

Take to market

Keep track of all ideas and comments through the evaluation process, you’ll be able to take the best ideas to market at a much faster rate.

Every company has the ability to innovate but few do so. Successful innovations mainly follow development plans, and usually businesses pay to outsource ideas. Great ideas come from employees – so why look anywhere else? 

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