Discover and evaluate insight
by leveraging your different communites.


CulturVate’s EPIC solutions enable the creation of an environment where innovation flourishes. 
CulturVate’s Engagement; Performance; Ideation and Consultation pillars are the foundations for a thriving organisational innovation culture. 


If all staff are not engaged innovation suffers. Too often employees are detached from the business of their organisation. They lack understanding of the mission and goals of the organisation. 


An engaged workforce, motivated by an increased sense of recognition and loyalty leads to improved performance. Staff take ownership of their contribution to their organisation’s success.


Inspired to maximise their potential an engaged and motivated workforce is the source of innovative new ideas.


The ability to gather the opinions, ideas and collective wisdom of stakeholders perfects the creation of an EPIC environment.  


Solve business or societal challenges by introducing ideation software that captures 360° insight.


Support the development of great ideas. gather option and debate and action. Ready to market.


Future-proof your business and instil sustainable practises with innovation at the forefront.

Platform that captures ideas

Got An Idea: Case Study

Challenge: The M4 Relief Road was a highly contorversial investment costing around £1.8bn. When it was scrapped, radical alternatives to congestion relief around Newport were needed. Solutions were encouraged from the community, who it impacts the most, to offer unique alternatives to improve connectivity, travel and commuting. 

Reach: Within the first 24 hours, more than 1,000 residents accessed the platform to engage with the consultation and submit and comment on ideas. During the 2 month consultation, over 18,500 interactions occurred which is 13% of a community of 145,000 residents. 

Result: Using Got An Idea, the Newport economic network were able to provide the results to the Burns Commission within Welsh Government to inform their team what the local public believe they need. 

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