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Halloween is almost here, this year the holiday falls on a Wednesday. This is a great opportunity for employers to have fun and engage their workforce through various activities. Halloween brings out the youth in everyone. Enhance your corporate culture … Read More

Drone technology you have to see!

Drone Technology started around 150 years ago when pilotless aircraft began to evolve. The concept was a step away from the realisation, that you can remotely control items through radio waves. Nikola Tesla patented: METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING MECHANISM … Read More

The real cost of a disengaged workforce

What is the real cost of disengagement? Disengagement in the workplace leads to many problems, that costs the UK economy billions each year. The problems consist of high turnover rates, lack of motivation or growth and high sick rates. According … Read More

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How to improve job satisfaction in your workplace!

Manager’s often overlook problems that persist through workplace dis-satisfaction. Are you aware of the positive/negative atmosphere, your managing in the workforce? Employee’s need to feel valued and upper management need to remember that. It’s always important to remind yourself that staff … Read More

Innovation Engine Platform

CulturVate does #digifest – the launch!

With less than a week to go, our excitement is growing for our very first visit to Wales’ Digital Festival and what better venue than Wales Millennium Centre. What’s more important is that we’re launching our brand new software platform … Read More

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Are you ready to build success?

Have you identified a lack of energy in the workplace? Many organisations don’t have a structure in place to tackle the continuing trend of employee dis-engagement. As more and more distractions develop in 2018, managers face the task of driving … Read More

CulturVate – software products

We’re CulturVate and we can help your organisation retain and reward employees by using job satisfaction techniques, to keep engagement high and produce a more productive workforce through idea sharing, pulse surveys, feedback, flexibility and reward. We also enhance innovation … Read More