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Generation gap: What is it and why does it matter?

The Generation Gap: What is it and why does it matter? The generation gap is the age gap between each generation in the workplace. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as the difference of attitudes between people of different generations. Leading … Read More

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CulturVate secures another NHS win!

CulturVate secures another NHS win! We’re excited to announce that NHS Research, Education & Training are joining Teamphoria! The latest (2nd) NHS department from the University Hospital of Wales, to join us.    NHS Research is looking to achieve higher rates of engagement … Read More

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Innovation Software: Uncover your blind spots

Innovation Software: Uncover your blind spots Innovation software propels business success. However, many businesses fail to implement the right tools to sustain future sustainability goals. Could your business use the workforce more in order to produce innovation?     According … Read More

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Capital, Estates, and Facilities Competition Winner Announced.

Capital, Estates, and Facilities competition winner announced. ​ The winner of our teamphoria competition, in association with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, (CVUHB) has been announced! Our main prize went to Cheryl Bowden (pictured left), a Reception Porter working at NHS … Read More

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Innovation Engine Goes Stateside!!

CulturVate have taken their latest platform, Innovation Engine across the pond. All the way to the USA!     The Innovation Engine increases and tracks innovation in the workplace. The functionality will support idea sharing and collaboration, as well as effortlessly boosting workplace innovation. … Read More

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Halloween is almost here, this year the holiday falls on a Wednesday. This is a great opportunity for employers to have fun and engage their workforce through various activities. Halloween brings out the youth in everyone. Enhance your corporate culture … Read More

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Drone technology you have to see!

Drone Technology started around 150 years ago when pilotless aircraft began to evolve. The concept was a step away from the realisation, that you can remotely control items through radio waves. Nikola Tesla patented: METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING MECHANISM … Read More

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Claustrophobia in the workplace

Claustrophobia is defined as an “extreme or irrational fear of confined places” I, along with the entire world, have been watching the nail biting cave rescue in Thailand. As I have contemplated the awful reality that many of those involved … Read More

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Four Overlooked Benefits of Employee Recognition and Why You Should Use Teamphoria

  We’ve talked about how important employee engagement is, and how digital employee recognition affects company culture. The science is in saying employee recognition is important – it’s an easy way to boost morale and improve job performance. But some … Read More

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The real cost of a disengaged workforce

What is the real cost of disengagement? Disengagement in the workplace leads to many problems, that costs the UK economy billions each year. The problems consist of high turnover rates, lack of motivation or growth and high sick rates. According … Read More

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