Claustrophobia in the workplace

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Claustrophobia is defined as an “extreme or irrational fear of confined places

I, along with the entire world, have been watching the nail biting cave rescue in Thailand. As I have contemplated the awful reality that many of those involved face, the one fear that I know I would feel if I was in their situation is that of Claustrophobia.

I then started thinking that we can feel that way within our lives, and specifically within our jobs/careers. Have there been times in your career that you have felt completely stifled at work, not empowered to do the job that you were hired to do, but then held responsible for an undesired outcome?

It’s in these circumstances that we feel claustrophobic, confined and constricted. We are expected to soar like eagles, but instead possibly treated like dodos. It’s at this point we become actively disengaged with our organisation. And we turn to recruitment agents, instead of the people we should turn to – our mangers, leaders and is some cases our mentors.

During 2018, 47% of workers in the UK alone will be looking for new jobs, mainly due to the management style. Why? Because a claustrophobic culture exists. Managers and leaders need to be careful that they do not kill culture, but rather to nurture it. Because when employees are fully engaged, they do something that is vital to the growth of the company – they INNOVATE. They innovate because they are encouraged to think, to engage and to soar. They are not confined but are guided and so do not feel claustrophobic in their roles.

Have you felt Claustrophobic in a job role? Comment below…

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