Got an idea is a digital solution that captures ideas to solve current challenges facing businesses and society today. The platform can be used internally within organisations and amongst partners, or externally for public consultation. Users submit ideas or contribute to others through comment and debate to help find relevant solutions. 

Ideation software helps to capture ideas from all angles of the business as well as solve current issues. Got An Idea allows you to evaluate the credibility of an idea to help mitigate risk. Create a culture built around innovation. Every company has the ability to innovate but few do so. Successful innovations mainly follow development plans or are usually outsourced. Great ideas can now be capture in-house – start using Got An Idea today!

Got An Idea captures that ‘light bulb’ moment usually triggered when a passion or problem is most obvious. By utilising your target audiences you’ll be able to capture knowledge and debate. Got An Idea will help develop new employee/customer experiences through insight. Gain real-time insight that allows management to actively participate in live discussions, elimitating the organisational layers, ready for action.

Key Features:
Sentiment Analysis
Pulse Surveys 
Keyword Extraction 
Reports & Analytics
Platform that captures ideas

Real-time collaboration and idea capture. 

Upvote & Downvote’s.

360° insight from different stakeholders.