Got an idea is a ‘brainstorming’ tool that captures ideas to solve current challenges facing businesses and society today. The platform can be used internally within organisations, amoungst partners, or externally for public consultation. Users submit ideas or contribute to others to help find solutions. 
Platform that captures ideas
Crowdsource ideas for your latest project, from people who are knowledgable in your industry. Filter fast and deliverable ideas, and incentivise for a greater return on ideas. Once an idea has been captured users can share their ideas to social media promoting the overall challenge. 
Got an idea captures the light bulb moment usually triggered when a passion or problem is most prevalent. Define the market and use knowledge to generate sustainable growth. Got an idea will help develop new customer experiences through product development. Gain real-time insight that allows management to actively participate in live discussions elimintaing organisational layers, which are ready to action. 

Real-time conversations and idea generation. 

Rate the best ideas and maximise visibility.

Collaborate to maximise idea potential.