Innovation Software: Uncover your blind spots

innovation management tool

Innovation Software: Uncover your blind spots

Innovation software propels business success. However, many businesses fail to implement the right tools to sustain future sustainability goals. Could your business use the workforce more in order to produce innovation?  


According to a Google study of collaboration and innovation in the workplace, 56% of respondents ranked a collaboration-related measure as having the biggest impact on their organisation’s profitability. 


Innovation software is a tool that helps stakeholders collaborate and build ideas for a more sustainable business model. The tech sector alone is contributing to fast rates of global change. For instance, driverless cars are about to shake up the whole insurance industry. With innovation, we can build a workplace that’s responsive and ready to change. 


Collaboration increases innovation. As each department holds different business knowledge to the next, bringing teams together creates more viable, successful ideas. That can be taken to market at a faster rate. Innovation software improves business areas that often get overlooked. Instead of innovating from the top layer down, you can now innovate on all levels uncovering your business blind spots. 


Having different insight benefits your business in many ways. From re-vamping current processes, to identifying new products and services. Collaboration has a positive impact on innovation, performance, culture and even the bottom line.

3 Main Obstacles for Innovation Performance
Development times take too long 42%
Risk -Averse Culture 31%
Lack of Coordination 25%

What are the benefits of using innovation software?

Protects intellectual property – this is important when fostering innovation. Without the protection of ideas, competitors may benefit from your research and findings. Outsourcing can lead to research and information being passed onto similar clients. 


Faster execution of ideas – ideas are submitted and processed within, which means you get to monitor the idea’s journey and take it to market at a much faster rate. Cutting out the waiting on feedback and the back and forth between the business and client.


Reduced costs using innovation software all year around may cost the same as using an outsourcing company for one campaign. Save on costs and use the experts from within your company instead. 


Collaboration – business challenges can be resolved quickly through collaboration. Working together boosts innovation from joint ownership to knowledge sharing. Time can also be saved when more people work towards solving problems. 


Increased workplace productivity – finding new ways to do things can be identified within innovation software if there’s a smarter way to do things usually employees find them. 


Innovation software helps businesses generate ideas which can be tracked and scaled at a much faster rate. Whether innovation is thriving or non-existent in your workplace, the software will be a positive addition to any workplace. Companies that support innovation often maintain a strong market postiion. Start building your pro innovation culture today – just ask us how


Are you facing any challenges around innovation? Comment below! 

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