Innovation Engine Goes Stateside!!

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CulturVate have taken their latest platform, Innovation Engine across the pond. All the way to the USA!  
The Innovation Engine increases and tracks innovation in the workplace. The functionality will support idea sharing and collaboration, as well as effortlessly boosting workplace innovation. By pre-assessing commercial validity through clever functions within the engine. The Innovation Engine will enable organisations to take solutions to market at a much faster rate.  Mitigating the risks involved with Innovation. 
CulturVate, a Newport based company. (Part of Terry Matthews global investments). Has agreed a partnership with Charleston based Teamphoria, a multi-national company that has helped hundreds of businesses improve broken workplace culture. The two solutions are the perfect fit to help organisations instil a culture built around innovation. A report by MacLeod and Clarke stated that high employee engagement rates, directly correlated to increased performance. And is said to be a source of growth, competitive advantage and innovation. Teamphoria have become experts in this field, and the company is thrilled to partner with them. 
We look forward to solidifying our relationship with new clients based in America, who’s looking to achieve meaningful and sustainable growth, with the Innovation Engine.” – Craig Barnett – CulturVate Managing Director.

Innovation Engine helps build an ideas culture, and one that’s able to adapt to market changing demands. Innovation is imperative in today’s fast moving economies. Companies need new ideas and strategies to drive growth. The platform will roadmap and boost innovative thinking, so that an organisation can reap the many benefits that come along with being innovative. 

The Innovation Engine is available to trial (free), for a limited time only. 
For more information contact:
Craig Barnett – +44 7904 919550 –
Andrew Strickland  – +1 (1) 8433 670729 (USA) –

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