How to improve job satisfaction in your workplace!

job satisfaction, employee engagement, motivate your workforce, workplace satisfaction

job satisfaction, employee engagement, motivate your workforce, workplace satisfactionManager’s often overlook problems that persist through workplace dis-satisfaction. Are you aware of the positive/negative atmosphere, your managing in the workforce? Employee’s need to feel valued and upper management need to remember that. It’s always important to remind yourself that staff are the most important asset, within your business. Listening to your employees can open a world of opportunity.


Check out CulturVate’s top tips for increasing job satisfaction…


Flexible work time – this can be a game changer for individuals who have health issues or children. Allowing them to chose an hour earlier/later to come to work, or mornings/afternoons/evenings can make a big difference to the individuals lifestyle. It can result in a reduced stress, that comes along with finding child minders/attending appointments. 

Wellbeing perks – encourage healthy lifestyles with bike schemes, free herbal teas, fruit smoothies and gym memberships. Take meetings outside and bring the latest exercise classes to work. 

Communicate – keep staff in the loop about new processes or company updates, provide feedback and be sure to listen to their feedback also.  Communication needs to flow both ways. This helps with understanding and productivity. 

Casual Fridays – usually implemented in non-uniform workplaces, let your employees dress casual it’s Friday after all. Some Australian companies are known to give their employees a beer on a Friday. Maybe try something else?

Flexi lunch – allow employees to take lunch at a more suited time to them. They can chose between 12:00-14:00. Choosing your own lunch time will can satisfy employees individual needs, making them more energised and productive.

HR Software use an all in one software platform, such as Teamphoria to manage your workforce. You can reward and communicate with employees in real-time and staff can reach out with questions and give feedback. 

Power Songs – find a power song that will motivate your workforce, just a little fun for the day. We recommend changing this weekly as it will get annoying. Think Kisstory, people love upbeat throwbacks, try it out. 

Cash perks – reward employees with cash, a job well done put a little extra in their pay packet or use a bonus structure. Otherwise try other incentives such as cinema/bowling/sport tickets. 

Workplace cliques – break up workplace cliques, these can exclude other employees and make them feel inferior at work, assign employees to groups instead of giving them the power to choose when working together. 

Time off – let your employees win time off from work, this can be an extra hour for lunch or a day off or an extra holiday day to use when they want. Also offer sabbaticals for employees that have been with your company for 5 years, 10 years etc. 

Services at work – your employees are time-strapped, so invite local services to come set up for the day at your offices, i.e winter tyre checks, oil checks, barbers, health MOT’s etc. 

This list gives you an idea of how you can make simple adjustments, that in fact, increase job satisfaction. Please comment below the methods you use to increase job satisfaction at work.  

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