CulturVate secures another NHS win!

CulturVate secures another NHS win!

We’re excited to announce that NHS Research, Education & Training are joining Teamphoria! The latest (2nd) NHS department from the University Hospital of Wales, to join us. 


NHS Research is looking to achieve higher rates of engagement through increased activity and communication. Managers will encourage greater performance through goal planning and listening to staff feedback. Teamphoria is available through a desktop or mobile application. 


As we introduce teamphoria, employees will be able to communicate in real-time. This feature being particularly useful within the NHS as shift patterns and locations vary. Employees can also communicate more effectively with managers and vice versa. Teamphoria breaks down any barrier of communication that often comes with organisational hierarchies. 


Introducing an employee engagement tool will help NHS Research meet staff requirements. Building a proactive environment based on positive attitudes and increased communication. Working together to tackle current and future challenges.  


Teamphoria allows organisations to track employee sentiment through Rate My Day and Vent A Frustration. This allows organisations to identify concerns that are producing low morale within the department. Teamphoria allows you to measure engagement levels to produce a highly motivated workplace. Enhanced through Recognition and Reward. Another way NHS Research will use the platform is to monitor staff training programmes. 


Research shows that where staff engagement scores are high, scores are also significantly higher for staff health and well-being and lower for staff absenteeism. 


With teamphoria, you can put real numbers behind your organisations culture based on key elements of employee engagement.  Better staff engagement means better patient outcomes. Watch your culture grow on the dashboard. Quickly pull reports and view trends and measure change. Teamphoria allows managers to facilitate employee engagement metrics with ease. 


Try Teamphoria today, sign-up and get your first 5 employees for free.

Competition image for NHS staff to win ice skating tickets

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